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Dahn now has his own blog with over 300 archived opinions be it local or international matters of great interest. Dahn's opinions are certainly a great read for the layman or the great legal minds of the world.

I discovered years ago that writing is not unlike painting. On some occasions, you have to use a heavy brush and apply a bold stroke for those who have difficulty grasping what you are trying to say and on other occasions, you can use a lighter brush and get your point across with a fine stroke. I tried but never mastered the medium of paint on canvas but I like to think that I have mastered the art of applying words on paper. Only those who read my words will be the judge as to whether the words I have written are those of a Rembrandt or a child learning the art of finger painting, but whatever my style, I like to think that I got the messages across to those to whom I wrote personally and in my essays, articles, books and speeches.

When Lord Baden Powell created Boy Scouts, he wasn't in an era when he could envision that other organizations for young boys would compete with his idea of a youth organization. Many of our boys of today have chosen to leave scouting and join army, sea or air cadets. I was given the task of finding a way to keep boys scouts within scouting but in doing so, I am mindful of the responsibilities and great adventure that awaits you in cadets. And that is why you are here today--to consider my proposal that a new organization within scouting fill your needs for responsibility and adventure. I have created for you, an organization for those of you who are capable of trust, responsibility, and equally important, a willingness to continue in scouting. The new organization is called, The Order of the Bow. It will be run like companies in which there are directors whom you will elect. You can join those companies that you feel will meet your ideals and in which you feel you can best serve in. The scoutmasters will be playing a different role than you are accustomed to. They will act as your advisors---but it is your organization and it is up to you to make it work. If you are successful in your participation in this new scouting organization, you will learn at an early age that responsibility is a direct result of self discipline and with many of the responsibilities you will undertake in your future, they will be fraught with risk but the rewards for taking those risks will be a sense of accomplishment and the respect of your peers. If in joining this new organization, you achieve those two attributes, then this new organization will have achieved its own goal--being a catalyst in making good citizens and great leaders out of you all and giving each of you the opportunity to reach your full potential as adults.

Opening speech given during the Spring of 1956 in Vancouver, Canada, upon the first meeting of the new Scouting organization created by the author at the request of the Scouting Commissioners. A hundred boy scouts attended that first meeting. It was then called, The Order of the Bow. In 1968, the new organization changed its name to Venturers and since its beginnings in 1956, it has had hundreds of thousands of boys (and now girls also) between the ages of 14 and 18 join it in Canada, England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

I have been asked to put a price tag on freedom but I am not sure that anyone can ascertain what the true value of freedom really is. The loss of freedom to one who is powerful and rich can be just as painful to the beggar on the street. Those of us born into freedom recognize it as the sweet wine that it is. Those less fortunate, who are subjected to acts of repression recognize it as a sour vinegar. What is freedom to me might be confinement to you and what is confinement to you might be slavery to our neighbour. Men and women have chosen death over the loss of freedom and many have given their lives so that the rest of us don't have to choose between death and the loss of freedom. The perception of freedom is like the perception of beauty---it is all in the eyes of the beholder.

Excerpt from a speech given in June 1971 at the Canadian Congress on Corrections and Criminology held in Ottawa, Canada while serving as chairman of the Committee for Innocent Persons, a non-government, ad hoc task force that was to report its findings to the Attorney General of Ontario, on compensating innocent persons sent to prison and whose members of the Committee comprised of criminal lawyers, law professors, a member of the Ontario Law Reform Commission, provincial court judges and three legislators, all of whom later became either ministers of justice, attorneys general, a chief justice of Ontario, justices of the Federal Court of Appeal in Canada, a member of the Supreme Court of Canada and the Ombudsman for Ontario. Years later, the provincial and federal governments began paying compensation to innocent persons and in one case, as much as ten million dollars was awarded to a man who spent 23 years in prison.

Whenever anyone shows me statistics, I invariably think of a beautiful woman wearing a bikini. What is intended for me to see, I find most revealing. On the other hand, it is what I am not shown that tantalizes my curiosity.

A comment given on November 5, 1983 at the Ontario Association of Corrections and Criminology conference held in Toronto, Canada immediately after being shown some statistics by a government official and being invited to comment on them.

The police officer must not forget that he was never endowed with God-like qualities, that he a servant of the people and like all servants, he must show respect for those who employ him. The officer might well ponder the possibility that the citizen he unnecessarily manhandles or calls a punk, may return in the future to haunt him. The citizen's returning may be in the form of a police commissioner or the solicitor general of the province.

A statement made on television show in Toronto, Canada on October 29, 1979, as host of the TV call-in show called Community Forum, with the head of the Police Complaints Bureau as a guest, a show which dealt with the role of the police in society and the police force's complaint procedures.

Children have a natural right to be protected against abuse, exploitation, drug experimentation, brutality and callous indifference. If the United Nations doesn't take a firmer stance on this problem, then thousands upon thousands of our children will continue to suffer in the name of justice. If what is happening to these unfortunate children in some of the institutions is called justice, then justice is going under an assumed name.

Excerpt from a speech given on August 20, 1980 at the Sixth United Nations Congress on the Treatment of Offenders and the Prevention of Crime, held in Caraccas, Venezuela. As a direct result of that speech, the delegates voted the next day to direct the Secretariat of the United Nations to conduct conferences around the world for the following five years for the purposes of creating what was later to become, the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules on the Administration of Juvenile Justice. The Rules were passed by the United Nations General Assembly in New York in January 1986 and the Rules have an effect on the lives of millions of children around the world.

The only thing that makes bad journalism worse is to pretend that it doesn't exist. Pretending that it doesn't exist is akin to swimming in a cesspool and pretending that it doesn't smell.

Excerpt from a letter addressed to A.R. McGarry, publisher of the Globe & Mail in Toronto, Canada on November 16, 1983. He published it in his paper the day he received it. It was part of a letter of complaint against one of his reporters who got the facts of a story wrong and upon learning of her mistake, she chose not to correct her mistake.

Some doctors have advised me that in their opinion, only medical doctors should go probing into the orifices of prisoners as custodial officers may, in their zeal, end up skewing the prisoners. I sincerely hope that this matter will not be merely shuffled from one Congress to another, decade after decade because this issue is like a festering boil on the cheek of one's backside. Moving the boil to the other cheek will not remove the pain. If you sit on this issue, as you might sit on a boil, it will simply continue to fester.

Excerpt from a speech given on August 31, 1983 at the Second World Congress on Prison Health, held in Ottawa, Canada. Some time later, the Canadian Government ordered that no prisoners in any federal correctional institution was to be searched via his or her rectum.

When whole classes of people are labeled as blacks or as whites, the particular black man or white man is unlikely to be considered on his merits as an individual but rather as 'one of them' when in reality, we must think of each other as 'one of us'. The difference between blacks and whites is merely the pigmentation of our imaginations. With some of the people, their imaginations are only skin deep---with others, it goes right to the bone.

A statement made on a television show in Toronto, Canada on November 12, 1979, as host of a TV call-in show called Community Forum, with the head of the Human Rights Commission of Ontario (a black man) and the head of the Ku Klux Klan for Ontario (a white man) as guests.

Custom looks to things that are past and policy looks to things that are present but both of them are somewhat slow in accepting changes that are inevitable.

Excerpts from a letter addressed to Sidney Linden, Public Complaints Commissioner, (later to be the chief justice in the High Court of Ontario) dated November 4, 1983 on the problem of police officers parking illegally on certain streets because they always did it before.

Some judges make the presumption that, notwithstanding their leap from high school to university and finally to law school, and coupled with ten years in private practice, this alone makes them authorities on the complexities of life. In reality, only those who have endured the anguish of unemployment and welfare, those who have been victims of crime, those who have being abused by police authorities, those lonely souls who pine for human companionship and never seem to enjoy the bliss of married life, those who enjoyed the fruits of their labour and then later have to go hungry because their pension cheques aren't sufficient to house and feed them, or those who suffer from a handicap or from prejudice ---- only those people and others like them, can truly understand the complexities of life. And yet, time after time, we hear judges pontificating to those before them like the aforementioned, on areas of life they know nothing about. If they wish to give lectures, let them lecture on law and stay out of the forum of the complexities of life----especially those judges who, for the most part, invariably passed over the complexities of life on their way to the bench.

Part of a brief submitted to the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario in November 1992 titled Judicial Accountability.

If the College ignores the complaint of my client as it relates to Dr. Chaudhris' tardiness, then the College is no different that the so-called do-gooder who directs a blind man in need of help to the doorbell of the Institute for the Deaf. The roles of the College and the do-gooders in instances like that become futile.

Excerpt from a letter sent to the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Toronto October 27, 1996 as part of a complaint written for one of this author's clients.

I suppose when we open the door to reason, we can expect the cold and biting winds of racism to enter. But if we keep the door closed, we are deluding ourselves into believing that it is warm outside. It is far better to face the cold and biting winds of racism head on, because from that experience, we soon learn that by cloaking ourselves with some form of protection, it makes the cold and biting winds of racism more bearable.

Published on the Internet on the subject of racism on February 15, 1998 saying we should accept racism on the Internet so that we can face it head on.

I made a great effort to stop myself from falling to the floor in an uncontrollable fit of laughter when I realized what the lawyer for the plaintiff had just done to her client. I should get the Academy Award for best actor for looking the plaintiff's lawyer in her face with a straight face of my own and not letting my lips show any sign whatever that there was a gradual smile growing on my face. Another minute however and I would have exploded. It was like wanting to pee and trying to maintain bladder control at the same time when the inevitable was about to occur.

Excerpt from a letter to a Small Claims Court judge in Toronto written on May 7, 1998 about a case where a lawyer refused payments from the defendant not knowing all along that her client's judgment was useless because she didn't know that she had carelessly misspelled the defendant's name in the court documents.

In your letter, you referred to me several times as 'Fatso'. It's true that I am fat and it is equally true that you are ugly. There is on the other hand hope for me because at least I can diet. May the blessings of whatever God you choose to believe in be upon you and guide your ways and help you with your handicap so that you can hopefully in the future, function in society without your stupidity rising to the surface like an un-lanced festering boil on your backside.

Letter sent to a dissatisfied client on December 26, 1997 who previously sent an equally insulting letter.

Like that great black orator in our past, Martin Luther King, I too have a dream. I dream that someday, all my friends and my acquaintances and the billions of people I don't know, be they white, black or whatever colour their skins are, be they whatever race they are, and even those people whose beliefs they have chosen for themselves are different than those of my own, I dream that they will all recognize as I do, a truism in nature, that with the combination of all our colours, all our races and all our creeds, each of us is a thread in that tapestry that tells the story and will always tell the story of our species that our common god has weaved and continues to weave and who always will weave the thread of every man, woman and child who was in our past, who is in our present and who will be in our future, into that beautiful tapestry that will forever be, evidence of our collective existence on this world of ours.

Statement made on the Internet on September 21, 1998 and addressed to two racists who mocked whites mingling with blacks.

I abhor family violence because it tears at the very fabric that keeps us all together as a family unit. But the last thing I want to see is something like this unfortunate incident creating a wedge between father and son that might later cause a serious fracture within this particular family unit. Since both father and son apologized to each other over this incident, perhaps in the interests of justice and family unity, the guardians of society should back off and let this family carry on with their own lives as if this incident had never happened.

Letter sent to a crown attorney in Brampton, Canada on May 14, 1997 re a client of the author, charged with assaulting his grown up son. The crown attorney withdrew the charge and the father and son walked out of court together, both happy at the outcome.

We, the motorists who are the victims of the highway thugs that are out there in force, are on our own and yet, when we take the time to file a complaint with the OPP re the thuggery on the highways, the OPP officers accept the complaint and then go back to their knitting or whatever other time-wasting activities they choose to do as an alternative to good policing.

Excerpt of a letter to the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police on January 1, 1998 re one of his officers not doing her job. She was later reprimanded for failing to do her job properly.

It follows that you would have an obligation to inform your mortgage lender of this "new" discovery and of course once the lender knew that tidbit of information, your loan would dry up faster than a raindrop on a cactus in Arizona during a mid-summer heat wave.

Excerpt from a report sent to two clients on February 8, 1997 who were about to purchase some land owned by the city of Toronto in Canada when they learned that it turned out to be a landfill dump comprising of toxic waste and costing millions to remove.

Paying court costs and process server's costs on behalf of a client is akin to giving away money to a friend. It is a well-accepted rule that the fastest way to lose a friend is to lend him some money. It follows that the fastest way to lose a client is to pay his court fees for him. Just as a friend will betray that trust, so will a client. Your proposal came across like a captain calling out to his crew to abandon ship. When that happens, the crew knows that the ship is sinking. You called out and I abandoned your ship.

Letter sent to deadbeat client on February 14, 1997 who wanted the author to pay all his costs out of his own money. He promptly closed her file.

Upon receiving her letter and learning of that latter aspect of its contents, I feel like a reprieved condemned man having the weights of the peine forte et dure lifted from his chest.

Letter sent to a lawyer on August 4, 1997 about a client taking over her own hopeless case herself. The peine forte et dure was a form of torture used to extract confessions from prisoners several centuries ago. Heavy weights were placed on the victim's chest until he or she confessed or was crushed to death.

I love to get into debates with people and sometimes I even lose. But when you get into debates on race issues with bugs like 'raid1 and pick-u-knows', you finally come to the conclusion that you are not in a debate with other humans at all---you are looking down a deep abandoned well where the bugs have taken over. The voice you get in response to what you have said is your own. After a while, one finds listening to one's own voice coming back from the bottom of the well, a bit boring. I'm going to move onto another well were the water is fresh and bug-free.

Statement made on the Internet on September 26, 1998 to another person about certain racists who never stopped making racist remarks no matter how much others and the author tried to reason with them.

Canada is a cosmopolitan country where we invite peoples from other countries to come to Canada and start their lives afresh. Most of them turn out to be great citizens and they contribute their customs and ideas to our culture which makes us one. Racists who feel that only whites should live in North America and everyone else should move out, are fools to the nth degree. Even if their wishes were to be granted, soon they would discriminate against hair colour and then size and then education and finally sex. And eventually, as the result of a natural consequence of their racist stupidity, these fools would be no more.

Excerpt from a statement the author made on the Internet on September 27, 1998

Does a drug addicted mother who gives birth to ten and more children who are going to cost the tax payers millions of dollars and then gives them up for foster care, really have a moral right to keep giving birth to more drug addicted babies when she has every intention of continuing to exercise her fundamental right to bear children while she is still an addict? The answer to that question is academic. It comes down to what is the greater wrong, sacrificing the interests of the individual for the majority or sacrificing the interests of the majority for the individual. I believe that in cases where the individual is irresponsible, that person's interests must be sacrificed for the good of the majority.

Excerpt from a statement made on the Internet on September 10, 1998.

Our society of today must rely on the judgment of those who researched the atrocities of the Germans right after the war when they had all the facts and witnesses at their fingertips and on hand. For those who were born after that horrible event in our history to then make unsubstantiated allegations that the facts were twisted or simply made up, is an insult to not only the researchers who were there but most importantly, to the millions of victims who suffered at the hands of their German oppressors. At the same time, we should not blame the millions of Germans, both soldiers and civilians who abhorred what was going on in their names during that time and we should certainly not hold our contempt for that kind of inhumanity against those German citizens who were born after the war. Nothing is going to change history. It happened. We can however learn from it, albeit, that is the only good thing that came out of such a terrible occurrence in the history of Mankind.

Excerpts from a statement submitted on September 27, 1998 on the Internet about those who debunk the existence of the Holocaust during the Second World War.

Clinton fooled them all. But it wasn't because he was smart---it was because the lawyers in the Paula Jones case and Ken Starr were stupid. Clinton was asked if he had sexual relations with Lewinski. He said he didn't. He told the truth because Webster's Dictionary defines sexual relations with one word: COITUS. That is the fancy word for sexual intercourse. Lewinski never said she had sexual intercourse with Clinton, she said she had oral sex. It was a grand jury member who submitted the question as to whether or not Clinton had oral sex with Lewinski and Ken Starr was the one who asked the question. Clinton skipped around the question by stating that he was again referring to the definition of sexual relations and that he was again denying he had sexual relations with Lewinski. Starr should have pinned Clinton down and specifically narrowed the question to that of Lewinski having oral contact on her part with Clinton's penis. Instead, Starr skirted the question and went onto something entirely different. Just as the prosecutors in the OJ Simpson trial screwed up (oh my, there is a pun if there was ever one) so did Starr and the other oafs in the Paula Jones case. Where did the USA get these bunglers from? Didn't anyone ever look at Webster's Dictionary to see what the real meaning of sexual relations was? Clinton and his lawyers did and that was the oil Clinton needed to slither in and out of their questions like a greased pig. Slippery Bill slithered right through their fingers leaving them the oil and nothing more. It is my opinion that the manner in which the questions were prepared in the interrogatories in the Jones matter and asked during the Grand Jury hearing were ill prepared and his inquisitors were careless in the manner in which they put their questions to the president. If they had simply looked in any decent dictionary to find out the meanings of the various words they used in the questions in the interrogatories and verbal questions asked at the hearing or even the Criminal Code in Washington D.C., they might have re-worded the questions and got the desired results they were seeking. As it turned out, they got nothing. Watching it from afar was like watching a seal skirting a hole in the ice and slipping away while a polar bear raises its head out of the hole trying to figure what went wrong. The reason is obvious ---- Clinton's definition of sex is narrower than the spaces between three cars parked in a two-car garage.

Statement published in the New York Times forum on October 8, 1998

Surely Cochrane isn't comparing paralegals with Eagleson. That's like comparing sparrows with vultures. To suggest that paralegals were eating at the same table where Eagleson ate is to suggest that both he and the paralegals were feasting off the flesh of their clients. To do so is an insult to all and any decent, honest and hardworking paralegals who have their client's best interests at heart.

Statement published in the legal journal Law Times on January 25, 1999.

Do we not praise the jury even when the truly guilty is acquitted and with greater zeal, praise the jury when the innocent is condemned? This flies in the face of Voltaire who said that it is better to risk saving a guilty man than to condemn an innocent one. Although a crime appears to us as being expiated in prison even on the imprisonment of an innocent person, thousands, perhaps even millions of wrongdoings are committed in our collective minds by the rest of us in society, through our acquiescence to the injustice we have brought upon the innocent person, by our indifference to his or her plight.

Statement made in one of author's web pages---Justice and Injustice

Let me put you straight as it concerns your threat. A threat from a lawyer, especially one that threatens to bring the Law Society into the picture is like a fart from a beer horse on a windy day. It's noisy but has no appreciable effect on anyone in the immediate area. Since I am not answerable to the Law Society, I couldn't give a tinker's dam about your noisy but non-appreciable fart.

Excerpt from a letter the author sent to Alfred Kwinter

, a lawyer in Toronto, Ontario on July 5, 1996

You may have noticed that I did not add the acronym Q.C. after your name. The term Queen's Counsel in Ontario was an accolade that brought great respect to the lawyers permitted to wear the silken gown in the past. But as the years went by, the people of Ontario, including the legal profession and the government of Ontario, slowly began to realize that anyone, I mean, ANYONE could ask for and a receive that accolade and considering the fact that in many cases, sleaze balls did get that accolade, its value began to slide until the accolade almost became meaningless. This is the real reason why such an accolade is not given anymore by the Ontario government. The fact that I chose not to place Q.C. after your name is a sign of the contempt I have for you and the acronym that has slipped into the mud and become dirtied because of you and your ilk.

Excerpt from a letter sent to William Andrews, a lawyer in Toronto on July 6, 1996.

It seems to me that when a suspect tells the police that he wishes to remain silent until his lawyer arrives on the scene, all questioning and offers should cease until his lawyer arrives. To do otherwise, not only brings justice in disrepute, it also brings police conduct into disrepute. When justice and police conduct become disreputable, then the Charter (of Rights) becomes meaningless, not unlike the sweet mouthings of the community tart.

Excerpt from a letter sent to the editor of the Law Times on July 17, 1996.

....some time ago, my parents shipped an expensive 18-inch solid ivory crocodile from Washington State to Toronto through UPS and when it was delivered to me, it arrived in three pieces. Despite the promises from your people to resolve the matter very quickly, it took your firm four months before they finally paid for the repairs and refunded the monies re the duty they improperly took from me because they hadn't read the government documentation stating that it was an heirloom. Four months of waiting despite the promise of an early response to my claim. Needless to say, I don't use or intend to use in the future, UPS unless of course, I am shipping an anvil across the country.

Excerpt from a letter sent to the United Parcel Service in Mississauga, Ontario on July 17, 1996.

Terrorists do not care about human suffering. They care about their goals and will kill hundreds at a time, even babies, if it will accomplish their goals. Such persons do not have the right to life and their lives should be extinguished as soon as possible after they have been convicted. To do otherwise, is to perpetuate terrorism right into the next century. Lets stamp them out of existence with the same contempt we have for cockroaches when we crush them beneath our feet.

Excerpt from a letter sent to the editor of the Toronto Sun on July 31, 1996.

The case of the single 22-year-old addict who is soon going to be giving birth to her fourth child, is a case in point. This baby factory is sending out defective goods because her own machinery is defective....I think that if she wants to sniff solvents and have a baby at the same time, she should be committed to an institution until she gives birth to the child. That way, it will have a chance and society will get a break.

Excerpt from a letter to the editor of the Toronto Star on August 9, 1996 after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that a fetus is not a human being and therefore has no greater rights than the woman carrying the fetus.

I am not so prude as to suggest that even if a boyfriend doesn't live with a single mother but visits her every day, she should be cut off of benefits. She is entitled to a normal relationship with a boyfriend. But I draw the line at live-ins. If a woman is silly enough to support an unemployed live-in boyfriend on her meager support allowance, then I question her fitness as a mother. Silly mothers shouldn't be given the responsibility of caring for their children.

Excerpt from a letter to the editor of the Toronto Sun on November 1, 1996.

This former car salesman has the audacity to imply that as Minister of Transportation, he is more qualified to address the subject of safety of Highway 407 than the OPP who have to deal with accidents on other highways like the 401 all the time. That's akin to a chicken telling Colonel Sanders how to roast chickens.

Excerpt from a letter to the editor of the Toronto Sun on November 30, 1996.

I read with considerable anger the bleatings of Wayne Hagerty, an archaeologist employed by the Ministry of Transportation. He bleats that after seven years of work, he is being laid off. Didn't anyone tell him that there is very little work for archaeologists anywhere in the world.....I will quote from this man as he tried to blubber his way into our hearts. "I'm going home to tell my 3-year-old son that Santa Claus won't come this year." I'm glad that this whiner has been laid off. It's about time that he and others like him realize that the taxpayers don't owe him a living.

Excerpt from a letter the editor of the Toronto Star on November 27, 1996.

...........there are a great many police officers in Canada who are fine officers and honest investigators and they do their jobs properly. But there are also bunglers and cads in the police forces and unless you can differentiate between the honest ones and the bunglers and cads, the less you say to them when you are not with your lawyer, the better it will be for you. Remember, all those innocent persons who served many years in prison, did so because the investigators in charge of their cases were bunglers and cads.

Excerpt from Letter to the editor of the Toronto Star on November 26, 1996.

It is ludicrous to suggest that because a person is a lawyer, he or she is qualified to practice in criminal law. Many times, lawyers who only practice in other areas of law and have never stepped inside a criminal court room will act for a client charged with a criminal offence as a favour to his client....(and) some do with unfortunate results. Criminal laws and procedure are always in flux and one has to be constantly practicing in that area of law to keep up with the changes. There are some lawyers who occasionally step into that forum and don't even possess law books on criminal law.

Excerpt from an article sent to the Toronto Star on December 9, 1996.

It makes his (Judge Marvin Morton) conduct on the bench highly suspect. Admittedly, he may appear normal and perhaps even righteous on the bench but that could be a facade. If, while sitting on the bench, his real mind is similar to what his mind was on December 19th when he was taken away by the police, perhaps he should consider some other occupation. If he remains on the bench, everyone who learns of his outrageous conduct and stands before him will ask himself, "Is this judge's decision anything like the one he made when he decided to act as an ass on December 19th?

Excerpt from a letter to the editor sent to the Toronto Star on December 27, 1996.

You can't legislate courtesy but you can legislate for the common good of others. I will back up any legislation or bylaw that will protect me and my family and anyone else for that matter against those persons who would infringe on the rights of the rest of us.....Our rights extend to our throats, our noses, our lungs, our ears and our eyes.

Excerpt from a letter sent to the editor of the Toronto Star on March 4, 1997 on concerns for the rights of non-smokers.

Ever since the news media began tearing at you like wild dogs, I have watched with considerable interest on how you reacted to all the publicity. In my opinion. you have failed to rise above your failings. Now you have tried your hand as a politician. Right from the beginning, you have put things in your application to the Liberal Party which simply wasn't true with respect to your credentials. In politics, that's a no-no. When a politician lies about his credentials, he has little credibility left.....As a politician, you have been so thoroughly roasted and cut up by the public, your fellow parliamentarians and the news media, your political fate has contrasted the fate of any chickens Colonel Sanders was intending to serve his Kentucky Fried Chicken patrons. Considering what's been happening to you, those chickens should be able to walk out of the KFC kitchens and promenade down the streets in their entirety.

Excerpt from a letter sent to Jay Bhaduria, a then member of the Canadian Parliament on March 25, 1997. This man ran again for Parliament and was thoroughly beaten at the polls.

Your airline simply doesn't give a damn. And it is for this reason that I shall continue to tell everyone I meet to stay clear of Air Transat....The truth will steer travelers away from your airline so that they too will have an opportunity to travel in comfort (your seats are too narrow) an opportunity to travel with flight attendants who care (from what I have experienced and heard, some don't give a damn) and most importantly, know that if something does go wrong, they won't get a letter from a customer relations person such as yourself who has great expectations that a mushy response from you to a dissatisfied customer will work every time. Do you have the feeling that I am a dissatisfied customer? Do cats have whiskers? There is no need to respond to this letter. If I want more mush, I will go to my kitchen for it.

Excerpt from a letter sent to the airline Air Transat on April 13, 1997. Note: The seats are the same but the service has improved.

You called me the other night at 8:00 p.m. while I was watching my favorite TV show. Somehow you are under the impression that I work 24 hours a day or alternatively, that I will respond to your beck and call no matter what the hour.....In the legal profession, lawyers and paralegals alike have this common expression they use. When they don't like working with a particular client, they fire them. Mr. Green, in order that this message will reach your eyeballs, I will capitalize it. YOU'RE FIRED.

Excerpt from a letter sent to a former client on April 24, 1997.

.....let me say that there is an onus on police officers to conduct proper investigations of all complaints and presuming that that maxim is excepted as being true, it follows that if a police officer cannot properly investigate a simple hit and run case, how then will he ever be able to conduct an investigation of a more serious matter? Perhaps Constable Singh will have learned from this experience and if he does, then perhaps he will be willing to meet the standards that the OPP and the public in general will expect from him. If not, he can always apply for work as a security guard where the expectations of security guards are not so stringent.

Excerpt from a letter addressed to Sgt. Dunbar of the Ontario Provincial Police on May 4, 1997.

Terrorism has become a blot on the Twentieth Century and thousands upon thousands of innocent victims around the world have died because of it. Terrorists know that no-one but their own kind sympathize with them and they know that when a fire-fight ensues, it's kill or be killed. They know that they are more likely to die before the hostages and yet they risk death. Some even embraces it as martyrs thinking that young virgins are waiting for them in heaven. If any of your readers think summarily executing terrorists during and after a fire-fight is unthinkable, they should ask themselves how they would feel about justice for terrorists if they were one of the 93 victims (men, women and children) in the small village in Algeria who were systematically slaughtered by Islamic terrorists the other day by being hacked to pieces with knives, hatchets and shovels. The victims became part of the more than 60,000 killed in that country by Islamic terrorists. The bleeding hearts should ask themselves if they would feel empathy for the terrorist murderers while watching them hack to pieces, before his or her own eyes, screaming members of his or her own family. If the bleeding hearts were closer to death at the hands of terrorists, perhaps they too would cry out with their last breaths for vengeance. But some people being indifferent to the suffering of others not close to them, often tend to sit safe in their homes, far from the scenes of murder and mayhem and sympathize with those who would, if they could, butcher the bleeding hearts right where they sit and pontificate.

Excerpts from letter to the editor of the Toronto Sun on April 24, 1997.

The idea of an investigating police officer brow beating a frightened complainant into withdrawing his complaint against another police officer without having the right to have a relative, a friend, a paralegal, a lawyer or even his MPP present, is outrageous. It gives powers to chiefs of police that they would not otherwise have. And all of this is done in the name of justice. If that is justice, then it is going under an assumed name. What is really being done, is in the name of police protection. The protection I speak of is not afforded to the citizens for their best interests but rather that which is afforded to the police for their own interests.

Excerpt from brief presented before the Justice Committee of the Ontario Legislature on May 12, 1997. As a result of this brief, citizens complaining against the conduct of police officers may be represented by third parties.

The acceptance of the cable TV services provided by the only cable TV service available cannot and should not be construed as accepting all the firm's terms and conditions carte blanche nor should paying the amount printed on the other side and the conditions be construed as accepting all of its terms and conditions. To permit this would be no different than a customer printing on the back of a cheque that the cashing of the cheque is to be construed to mean that the cheque represents the balance in full when that is not so.

Excerpt from a letter sent to Rogers Cable Systems Limited on June 20, 1997. The firm agreed and reduced the administration charge for a late payment.

Obviously, your message isn't getting across to them (his police officers under his command) And if that is so, it is because of a failing on the part of those police officers senior to them. For this reason, which I can appreciate to some degree, the OPP officers are turning out to be looked upon by other police forces and the public in general, as the provincial police farce.

Excerpt from a letter to Thomas O'Grady, the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police on March 16, 1997. The police officer written about was reprimanded for not doing his investigation properly. The officer in question later wrote on May 12, 1997 and said in part; "I failed to contact you within a reasonable time and inform you of the staus or findings of the investigation. Looking back, yes, I should have requested the other driver (involved in a hit and run accident this officer was investigating) (to) attend the O.P.P. Detachment in Aurora before reaching my conclusion. I obviously did not go that "extra step" before closing this case. The incident was definitely a LEARNING EXPERIENCE for myself." unquote

To protect Johnson (Ben Johnson, the disgraced Olympic runner) from drugs is like trying to protect grain from locusts---a fruitless effort....I love the part where he squeaks that if he can't run, he can't work. The blind find work, the deaf find work, the lame find work, the illiterate find work and even ex-convicts find work but only Ben Johnson who can't make millions in ads and commercials because no-one trusts him, can't find work. They are always looking for a big strapping man like Johnson to lift boxes, rocks, lumber, shovel snow and whatever. Samuel Butler (1835-1902) an English author quoting his friend, Henry Festing Jones, said of achievement; "There are two great rules in life, the one general and the other particular. The first is that every one can in the end get what he wants if he tries. This is the general rule. The particular rule is that every individual is more or less of an exception to the general rule." Well Johnson tried to get what he wanted and he is not getting it. There will be in his case, no exception to the second rule.

Excerpt from a letter to the editor of the Toronto Star on July 16, 1997. Johnson later worked for the Libyan dictator, Gaddafi as a soccer coach for his son. Now Johnson can be internationally despised along side of his employer.

One can understand the frustration of the man when he had to constantly listen to the yapping of his neighbour's dog but there were better ways to deal with the dog than the way he chose. (he threw the barking dog off a six-floor balcony) As to the owner of the dog, the woman who referred to her dog as her baby, I have absolutely no sympathy for her at all. She obviously didn't care about her neighbours. If she did, she never would have brought a yapping dog into her apartment. To the man who threw the dog over the balcony, I say this, "You were wrong in the manner in which you tried to solve your problem. Move out." To the woman who didn't care about her neighbours, I say this, "If you get another yappy or barking dog, get out." To the do-gooder who is also insensitive to the woman's neighbour's rights to peace and quiet, I say this, "Butt out."

Excerpt from a letter to the editor of the Toronto Sun on August 28, 1997.

It didn't surprise me one bit when I read in the paper that Metro's six school boards are planning their swan-song parties before they go into extinction. Something like this occurred in 1956 when the American government decided to boot out of their country, the notorious gangster, Lucky Luciano. At least with Lucky's party, the gangsters at the party paid for the food and drink themselves.

Excerpt from a letter sent to the editor of the Toronto Star on September 20, 1997.

To suggest that Prince Charles and the man on the street were born equal is a fallacy. To suggest that if two persons committed the same traffic offence, they would be treated equally, is even a greater fallacy. To suggest that the son of very rich parents will receive the same kind of treatment given to the son of very poor parents, borders on foolishness. To suggest that an accused whose father was a respected police officer will be treated the same as an accused whose father was a convicted murderer, borders on lunacy. To suggest that the son of a boot maker has the same opportunities given to him as the son of the prime minister, is idiocy....Despite the writing and speaking of great words by great people, the reality in our life is that no-one is born equal and there is no equality amongst ourselves, even in a democracy that believes that all persons are born equal and should be treated equal.

Excerpt from a speech written for a police officer giving an address on human rights on March 4, 1997.

At no time in my life, have I ever read such a boring essay as the one written by Michael Bradley, the author of "The Iceman Inheritance" in his piece, "Born of Beast" which is supposed to be a critique of mankind and more specifically, the Caucasoid race. I began appreciating the significance of the word "drowsiness" when I reached the end of the first page.....This is the sort of clap-trap that one expects to read in a treatise written by a psychoceramic (crackpot) nerd.....It's the kind of nonsense that doctors should prescribe to patients as an alternative to a sleep potion.

A review of an essay on October 18, 1997.

Tailgating someone at speeds of 105 feet (32 meters) per second when a tailgater is three feet (one meter) behind another car has to be one of the stupidest things in the world for anyone to do and yet you see it every day on our highways. Let these tailgating thugs bleat. I for one, don't intend to switch lanes for one of these thugs when I am doing 115 kilometers (75 miles) an hour in the passing lane. If these thugs want to drive faster than that, let them do it on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where there is no speed limit or alternatively, get a pilot's licence and fly to their destination.

Excerpt from a letter to the editor of the Toronto Star on October 27, 1997.

......I do take issue with the statement of Duncanson in which he said that Kruze had "endured years of sexual abuse" as a teenager by Gordon Stuckless and the other abuser now deceased....In actual fact, he prostituted himself, like many other street kids and he obtained what he wanted after being seduced and then molested by those two former employees of the Gardens. He, like the other victims were free to walk away from these child molesters at any time but the lure of getting to see the games for free, to visit the locker rooms where the great ones had been and to enjoy good meals in expensive restaurants, was greater than the disgust he and the others felt when they were molested by these two men.....he certainly knew that what he was continuously doing while doing it up to his late teens, was wrong, disgusting and to some degree, damaging to his mental health.

Excerpt from a letter to the Editor of the Toronto Star on November 2, 1997 This letter was written a short time after Kruze threw himself off of a high bridge in Toronto. The public for the most part was saddened by his death but many didn't think he was the victim many people were trying to make him into. He even blackmailed the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto and got a heafty payment from the Gardens and then later welched on them and went public after he spent the money they gave him in hopes that the payment would keep him quiet.

I agree with those former residents in B.C. (who are now adults) who say that when they were children, they underwent a very traumatic experience when the RCMP would smash their ways through their parent's homes in the early hours of the morning to snatch the children from their beds or hiding places and then take them to the dormitories....Now some of them want to sue the B.C. government and the RCMP for what happened to them.....If they really want to sue anyone, they should sue their parents who were foolish enough to actually try and deny their children an education.

Excerpt from a letter to the editor of the Toronto Sun on November 17, 1997. The author worked with some of these Doukabour children at the New Denver Dormitories in British Columbia whose parents were called Freedomites, 40 years before he wrote this letter.

If you intend to win this case and others that follow, I sincerely hope Mr. Lamb and other salesmen realize that there is an obligation on their part to explain all aspects of all contracts they expect their customers to live with. If he remembers discussing the terms of the RCI contract with the Grubics, then your ship will head into the sunset with full sails flapping in the wind. If he didn't discuss the terms of the RCI contract with them, then your ship will head in the only other destination that befits all ships that have large holes in the area of their keel----to the sandy bottom of the sea. For me to then go into court and try and raise your ship when its keel is deeply imbedded in the sea bottom, is akin to asking me to go into court and play the role of Rumplestilskin and weave gold out of your straw.

Excerpt from a letter written to a client on November 14, 1999.

In view of the fact that your insurance company intends to raise my wife's insurance premiums an outrageous $284 per year for six years for a $500 claim, we have decided to cancel our home and car policies when they come up for renewal....We always thought of the Cooperators as family but when your family shits on you, it's time to move. We are moving.

Excerpt of a letter sent to The Cooperators Insurance Company on September 24, 1999.

I am sick and tired of apathy in our police forces. Please put this constable back on the streets again where he can learn what life is really about instead of permitting him to sit on his ass in a police station doing nothing for citizens, who instead of taking the law in their own hands, come to him for assistance and then are shit on by this man.

Excerpt from a letter of complaint sent to the chief of police of the Peel Regional Police Force about a police officer in Mississauga, Ontario on March 29, 1999. The officer was later transferred out of the police office and onto the street.

Who is to blame? That's easy. Everyone. I blame the parents of bullies who don't know how to bring up their children to be decent and caring or alternatively, who don't give a damn how their kids grow up. I blame the school authorities who for the most part are indifferent to bullies in their schools and of course, I blame the bullies themselves. They are the losers in the world who later turn out to be psychopathic in their family and workplace relationships with others.....We as adults and taxpayers and parents should stand up for these youngsters who are bullied and teased and fight for their rights to a proper education----an education without fear.

Excerpt from an article sent to the Toronto Star on April 21, 1999.

The function of colleges is to give young adults an opportunity to improve their education and to learn how to relate with other adults-two important factors in a young person's life. Colleges should not condone immature students harassing students of the opposite sex just so that these immature students (no I will call them for what they are-jerks) can get their jollies by watching their victims squirm. This kind of conduct slithers its way into the workplace after it has had its insemination in the schools and colleges.

A statement made at a hearing before the president of Sheridan College on March 7, 2000 as part of the author's recommendation that a male student be expelled because of his sexual harassment against a female student. The male student was suspended for 14 months and the complainant was given back her tuition. He never returned to the College.

All employees of all companies, have a right to be able to work in a bully and tease--free environment. Anyone who teases a fellow employee because of some impediment should be fired. All employees should post signs that clearly forbid bullyism and teasing in the workplace on penalty of immediate dismissal. If the six victims had in fact teased Lebrun, then I have no sympathy for them at all. They didn't deserve what they got but they shouldn't have been surprised when it came in the form of an angry man with a rifle determined to kill them all. I really blame their employer, OC Transpo for letting the problem fester like a boil until it erupted as it did.

Excerpt from a letter sent to the editor of the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun on April 8, 1999. Pierre Lebrun, who was suffering from mental illness and was constantly teased by some of his fellow employees, systematically hunted down his tormentors and shot four of them to death and wounded two others before turning the gun on himself.

You have an attitude problem. This causes you to be argumentative on the drop of a hat. Get rid of that problem. If you don't, you wont get hired and if you are, soon after that, you will get fired. Young men don't like young women with an attitude. They can find young women without attitude problems. Those who are prepared to live with your attitude problem are only after your body and you don't want them. The decent men want women who are not argumentative. If you keep this attitude problem with you, you will end up living alone and on welfare as being unemployable.

Excerpt from a letter sent to a young woman who had been thrown out of her home by her parents after she assaulted one of her parents when she was 17-years old. Letter sent March 28,1999.

Paralegals are here to stay. The government, the courts, the Law Society and most lawyers accept that fact as does the public in general. The paralegals are cutting into the lawyer's turf as it relates to income, of that there can be no doubt. But then, our laws don't say that only lawyers can practice law and if they charge Cadilac fees to people who can only afford Chevy fees, then the lawyers will have to accept the fact that the next phone call made to an advocate, may very well be to the paralegal whose office is in the same building as that of the lawyer.

Excerpt of a letter published by the Law Times on August 8, 1998.

Again, another lawyer (this time, Gary Gottlieb) has gone off firing a salvo at paralegals for the failings of lawyers. I am afraid that his salvo was a series of blanks---lots of smoke, fire and noise but that was all it was.....To Mr. Gotlieb, all I can say to you, Sir is; "Lower your flag or aim your guns somewhere else. Your salvos weren't even close."

Excerpt of a letter written while serving as the Vice President of the Paralegal Society of Canada to the editor of the Law Times on March 31, 1999.

The independent paralegal and court agent profession is undergoing growing pains like all new concepts but it will mature and hopefully be recognized by all as a suitable and in some instances, a necessary and hopefully in all instances, an honourable alternative to hiring lawyers for those areas of law that don't necessarily require their expertise.

Excerpt of a letter sent to the editor of the Toronto Sun on June 15, 1998.

When I read the newspaper articles on the demise of Frank Barbetta, the retired cop who died July 25th, I nearly regurgitated....Thank God, Barbetta and his ilk are icons of the past. The citizens of Toronto, be they upright citizens or downright crooks, are entitled to the best in their police force. Police officers who torture suspects are not Toronto's finest, never were and will never be. The reason is obvious. A confession obtained by the likes of Barbetta are always suspect and if you or a loved one ever goes to jail because you or your loved one confessed under torture to a crime you or your loved one never committed, you will understand what I mean.

Excerpt from a letter sent to the editor of the Toronto Star on July 27, 1998. This police officer was renown for torturing suspects. Once when there was a hostage situation and negotiators were trying to arrange the release of the hostage, this cop walked right up to the 17-year-old kid holding the girl as a hostage and shot him right in the face. When he applied for the position of Chief of the Toronto Police Force, the Board of Commissioners refused to consider him and he promptly resigned. Everyone said at the time--"Good riddance."

I am concerned about the squeegee people taking over the streets....if they are permitted to take over the streets, soon the flower sellers will come, followed by those selling beads and watches, then magazine sellers will want to get into the act and when they do, the furniture people will be out, hawking lawn chairs and then dining room sets and finally, car salesmen will take over and deals will be made while the lights turn green, amber and red repeatedly while the rest of us scream out, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Has my point come across?

Excerpt from a letter sent to the Ontario Crime Control Commission on July 28, 1998. The province of Ontario subsequently passed a law in January 2000 prohibiting anyone, including squeegee people from interfering with the flow of traffic.

If you really want your party to win the upcoming election, you had better get your ship in order. As I see it, right now you have some crew members who are sabotaging your ship. And while you and the rest of your crew are attempting to prepare your ship for the hurricane of discontent that's brewing as the election approaches, your Mrs. Churley and some other ministers on board are boring holes in the bottom of your ship. By the time they finish their deed, the hurricane of angry voters will have passed over you with a vengeance while your sinking ship slips beneath the waves and heads towards that muddy bottom that bad governments invariably end up in.

Excerpt from a letter sent to Bob Rae, the then Premier of Ontario on November 21, 1994. He replied to my letter, assuring me that the voters would vote him and his party back into power again. The hurricane I spoke of in my letter swept him and his party out of office.

One of the stupidest bills I have ever heard of being presented to Parliament is that of Conservative MP Peter MacKay. He is proposing that convicted pedophiles be banned from being alone with children even in their own homes.....Now admittedly, there are some pedophiles who molest their own children and perhaps such a bill might be appropriate in such cases but because a pedophile molests other children doesn't automatically mean that he will molest his own children. This bill would in effect, destroy existing families. I doubt such a bill will pass second reading.

Excerpt from a letter sent to the editor of the Toronto Star and also sent to MPP MacKay on August 14, 1998. The bill didn't pass second reading, just as I had foretold.

There is no justification whatsoever for anyone to be carrying knives on their person in a city. There are only two types of persons who do this ---- those who carry them in self defence and those who intend to use them in furtherance of a crime and both purposes are illegal...... Just don't stand about doing nothing about the problem. It seems to me that your non-response is somewhat akin to a fire chief watching a house burn to the ground and not calling the fire department.

Excerpts of a letter sent to Norm Gardiner, the chairman of the Toronto Police Services Board on August 14, 1998. He subsequently sent me a letter giving me statistics on crimes committed with knives in Toronto.

I read the piece on how stewardesses are being treated in passenger planes by unruly passengers and I, like other passengers and crew am concerned when unruly passengers get aboard our planes. For the most part, flight attendants are very nice people and deserve better. However, I would be remiss if I didn't mention to your readers that some flight attendants, both male and female can be quite rude and sometimes outright stupid.... Obviously, not all airline flight attendants are rude and stupid but it only takes one to ruin a flight and make people swear off using the airline again.

Excerpt from a letter to the editor of the Toronto Sun on July 14, 1998.

Our country is cosmopolitan and as such, we recognize the worth of every person in Canada, be that person a citizen, a guest or a tourist. It matters not to us what the national origin is of our peoples because each person who migrates to Canada brings with him or her a part of their national heritage which is another thread in our great tapestry of life which adds colour to our nation....One thing I am truly convinced of, is that any advances we in Canada have made in art, music, culture, literature, science and health have not come from a centralized government but instead, we possess these fine things in life because we as citizens, each contribute what we can towards those attributes one finds in a truly civilized and democratic country.

Excerpt from a letter mailed to Mohammad Khatami, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran on August 9, 1998. I later got a reply from one of his deputies advising me that my letter was brought to the president's attention.

I blame the parents for the crimes of their children. These young criminals get away with it at home and they think they can get away with it everywhere else. If the parents paid more attention to their children and explained to them at an early age the difference between right and wrong, and enforced their own rules, their children would be less likely to break the law. I also blame the schools because they have made learning a boring exercise. No wonder so many of them want to quit. The kids want to experience life before they succumb to an early death of boredom in the classroom. And the blame for being with bad company falls squarely on the youngsters themselves. They are trusted to have good judgment and if their judgment in choosing friends fails, it is because they didn't learn at home what is right and what is wrong. If they did learn it and still hang out with bad company, they have only themselves to blame when the sky falls down on them.

Excerpts of an article sent to the Law Tines and the Lawyer's Weekly on May 18, 1998.

We offer you everything you could ever want if you are prepared to work for it. We offer you our friendship if you are prepared to accept it. We offer you are laws that guarantee you your rights if you are prepared to live by them. We offer you our love if you are prepared to be receptive to it.

Excerpt from an article titled, Dear Newcomers and sent to the magazine Women's World on May 11, 1998.

I take issue with Clair Hoy's recent article "Justice Denied" in which he said that the sexual assault victims of Gordon Stuckless had every right to be outraged when they learned that Stuckless only got two years less a day in jail.....Stuckless' sexual activities with these young people was then and still is the product of a sick mind. Although imprisonment was then and still is a good deterrent, both generally and specifically, treatment of a sick mind is what must be uppermost in the mind of a judge when passing sentence in a case like this. The reason is obvious. Sooner or later, these people are released from jail. No matter how long they are incarcerated, be it 25 years or 25 months, if they are released untreated, then we as a society, not to mention the offender, are back to square one and nothing has really been accomplished except for a while, the offender hasn't re-offended in the interim. The worse thing society could have done in a case like this is to imprison a sexual predator for a long period of time and not treat him and then throw him back into society as an animal with a vengeance.

Excerpt from a letter to the editor of the Law Times on November 27, 1997.

Everyone has a right to live a full life without being murdered. It follows that anyone, be he white, black or any other race, must expect to forfeit his life if he murders someone. But executing a murderer does not bring the murder victim back to life. What it does do however, is ease the anguish the murdered victim's family and friends undergo after their loved one has died at the hands of a killer. This raises the issue of whether or not the members of the victim's family have a right to watch the killer die. In my opinion, they have that right. Vengeance is with us all as it has been since humans began inhabiting this world. Those who suggest that this is wrong, don't really understand the human mind. Some people can go through life forgiving others who rob and beat them or rape and murder their loved ones. That is their right. But since vengeance is a human trait that is instilled in all of us, it is also the right of the loved ones of the victims of murder to want vengeance.....Call it vengeance or call it closure. It's probably the same. But once the killer is no longer with the living, closure is more readily reached by the families who seek peace of mind.

Excerpt from a letter sent to Detective News on November 27, 1997 via the Internet

After a few moments after our brief conversation, you approached me and asked me if I had just previously recorded our conversation. I told you that what was in my coat pocket was a Walkman tape player and I pulled it out for you to inspect. My word should have been sufficient enough for you when I told you that I did not record our conversation. I can't imagine in my wildest dreams how you could presume that anything we talked about was worth recording in the first place. If it wasn't for the fact that you act as a deputy judge in small claims court matters in which I appear before you, I never would have let myself be subjected to the abuse you put me through. If as a lawyer (and not as a deputy judge in which we are compelled by circumstance to meet) you asked me if I recorded our conversation, I would have denied it and walked away. If I heard one peep from you after my denial, I would have made short shrift of you right on the spot. You have never seen what I do to lawyers who are foolish enough to cross swords with me. Those who did, have regretted the experience, both in and out of courtrooms.

Excerpt from a letter to a deputy judge sent to him on January 12, 1998.

When a murderer kills another human being, he creates three kinds of victims. The person who is murdered is of course the primary victim but the family and friends of the murdered victim are the secondary victims. Those of us who are outside the circle of family and friends of the primary victim are also victims for in one sense, we too suffer. We are the peripheral victims, for most of us have compassion and in some degree, we suffer. We don't suffer the agony of the primary victim or the anguish of the secondary victims but the loss of an innocent victim takes something from all of us. When an innocent person dies, a little of us dies also.

Excerpt from a speech given at a United Nations crime conference held in Milan, Italy in September 1985 and later broadcasted all over Italy that night.

What is justice? In its simplest form, it is to right the wrong. But as you know, justice is far more complex than that. A single crime is a single injustice for with every crime there is a primary, secondary and peripheral victims. It is universally accepted that when there is a victim, there is a perpetrator and it is not only God's law but also the law of Man that every perpetrator of a crime must be punished with very few exceptions. You do not fall into the category of exceptions for you were not insane when you participated in the Tate/Bianca murders nor where you forced into committing those crimes. Crimes of murder shatter the social pact of humans, the pact that we shall live with one another in harmony. Your crimes shattered that pact between yourself and your victims and the breaking of such a pact is considered very serious among human beings of which you are obviously very much aware. The taking of a human life by another human being is not unlike a form of gangrene eating away the flesh of the whole body. Every part of the body suffers as a result. When that happens, we cut away the gangrene. We don't want to see it again under any circumstances. Salvation must come from within. Justice must be given from others. As much as I try and I am sure that I speak for the majority of others, I cannot find justice in your eventual release. I can forgive you for what you did but not advocate your release.

Letter sent to Charles (Tex) Watson who was convicted of participating in the Tate/Bianca murders in Los Angeles on August 9th and 10th 1979 in which seven people were murdered by him and three women. This letter was sent to him via the Internet on December 27, 1999. He is serving a life sentence in a California prison. His wife Kristin wrote me back and said that her husband Charles isn't seeking release from prison and expects to remain in prison for the rest of his life.

Finding a competent lawyer who isn't lazy, inept or indifferent to your needs is no different than looking for a good bed-mate. You can take your chances with the first one that comes along or you can be selective. If you choose to take the first one that comes along, then you may end up feeling like the drunken sop who awakes to find out that what looked good to him in the dark of night, is unbelievably ugly in the light of dawn.

Opening statement in an article on Lawyers.

There is an old saying that may be applicable in a case such as this one. It is, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." I really don't have any sympathy for any Muslim girl or any other person who hates to listen to Christmas music at school. What does she do when she walks into a Mall and Christmas music can be heard everywhere? Do the Jews stick cotton batten in their ears when they walk into a Mall where Christmas music is being played? I think not. Neither should she. When her school plays Christmas music, they are not trying to convert her. If her faith is secure in her heart, then she should be able to listen to the music (which by itself is very beautiful) and appreciate it without having to pay that much attention to the words of the carols. The idea that one girl in a school can dictate to all the other kids in the school what music they should or should not listen to is so gross---one is tempted to pay her airfare and send her back where she came from---preferably to a country that prohibits girls from going to school.

Statement made on Fox News Forum on March 11, 2000

There is very little that will get my ire up than read the blather of some religious twirp who pontificates about his religious views on his interpretation of the holy scriptures. The one I have read in this forum is from one of those twirps who did nothing but quote from the Bible about the fate of sodomites. Speaking for myself, I would not want to be an active or passive partner in a act of sodomy but I learned a long time ago that when it comes to sexual preferences, the adage, "Different strokes for different folks" has real and accepted meaning in this modern era we are in. If gays and heterosexuals want to indulge in an act of sodomy and suffer the pain that goes with it as a passive partner and also risk getting AIDS as a result, who am I to condemn such persons? What I will condemn outright however without any hesitation is of course anyone that forces himself upon another and sodomizes his victim. Such a sodomite should be locked in a cell and the cell then air-lifted to a large body of water and dropped into it.

Statement made on Fox News Forum on March 11, 2000

I don't have any sympathy for anyone who deliberately murders another human being. Such persons as far as I am concerned, forfeited their lives the moment they killed their victims. What is left for society to do after that is to make a determination of whether or not there are extenuating circumstances that merit mercy. There can be situations where mercy would be appropriate. For example, killers who are insane, who are defending themselves, who kill another in a state of extreme uncontrollable anger, who are so impaired by alcohol or drugs, they don't realize the full impact of what they are doing etc, etc. But terrorists, hit men, persons who kill for financial gain, persons involved in filming the murder of victims, serial and mass murderers, killers who torture their victims to death and war criminals should be executed. I recognize the dignity of human beings but I get quite angry when I hear abolitionists cry out that even the most vilest of murderers should be treated with dignity. The only concern I have about capital punishment is best quoted from a statement I made in a brief I made to the Canadian parliament (and was quoted in Parliament) when I said, "One of the greatest arguments against capital punishment is the danger of executing an innocent person. No miscarriage of justice is more terrible to contemplate." Considering that the United States is now discovering that a lot of condemned prisoners on death row are innocent and are being released for this reason, brings weight to my statement to the Canadian Parliament. It is for this reason that I am advocating imprisonment for natural life without parole for murders. I would rather pay monies towards the support of ten murderers than execute one innocent person.

Statement made on Fox News Forum on the Internet on March 11, 2000

The sentence of five years unsupervised probation for a woman who beats her 22-month old baby to death because at 61 years of age, she is too old to be incarcerated, is gross. Obviously the judge is either too old or too young to be sitting on the bench. In Canada, a teacher who molested a number of boys in the orphanage he worked in 40 years ago was 68 years of age when he was sent to prison for 11 years. The judge said at his sentencing, "Although the accused was relatively advanced in years, he is also in good health. I am not persuaded that advancing age alone should cause any reduction in the normal range of sentence. The offender has had the benefit of his more youthful years of a free lifestyle without having to account for his criminal behaviour." I have said it before and I will continue to say it again and again. Soft hearted judges who give ridiculously low sentences for violent crimes are the single most cause of crime. If they awarded sentences that are appropriate and just, perhaps most criminals would be deterred from committing violent crimes because the fear of severe punishment might scare them into being straight and crime free. If you were to mix the brain matter of some of these judges with the brain matter of some of the violent criminals they slap on the wrist, you would get a witch's brew unequalled in the annals of mankind. These judges want the public to swallow their idea of a fair sentence. That's like serving us a bowl of mush with dirt thrown in for flavour. Most unpalatable.

Statement made on the Excite Forum on the Internet on March 18, 2000

To have better gun control, lock the triggers with ID control which can be built into the handle. This is the answer we may be looking for. Whoever buys a gun must have his fingerprints and palm prints registered with the seller who will then send them into the police and the gun maker. Only the purchaser can fire the gun. If he or she wants someone else to fire the gun, that other person must also register his or her fingerprints and palm prints and the gun mechanism must then be adjusted to accept the prints of the other person registered to use the gun. This way, anyone else who gets possession of the gun cannot fire it. Only those registered to use the gun can fire it. Then make it a law that no-one after five years would be permitted to own a gun that isn't already built with the ID control mechanism built into the handle.

Statement made on the Excite Forum on the Internet on March 25, 2000

I suppose all of us have the ability to take a sentence in legislation and twist it around in such a way, that it would make a pretzel look like the main mast of Nelson's flagship. ..........I think the legislation as it relates to agents in criminal courts is clear, unambiguous and needs very little interpretation. If you let the lawyers interpret the pertinent sections of the Criminal Code for you as it relates to agents in criminal courts, you will see how they will take a simple reef knot and twist it until they hand you the Gordian Knot.

Statement made at a government sponsored conference on March 26, 2000, dealing with the role of paralegals being permitted to represent accused persons in criminal courts in Canada. Present at that conference were members of the Criminal Lawyers Association, the Paralegal Society of Canada and a former member of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Women have no right to slap anyone across the face and that goes for men also. The woman you were breaking up with expressed her disappointment by slapping you in the face. What would she have done to you if you were married to her and were breaking up with her? Kill you? Kill your children? You were wise to break up with her. As to the woman you complimented about her legs, she shouldn't have called you a pig and then slapped you. She should have ignored you and continued walking. This woman has a problem with men and she too should be ignored. I should add however that it's impolite to make comments to strangers about parts of their bodies, even if the comments are complimentary. People don't like being sized up as if they are slabs of beef. It embarrasses them. Admire them if you wish and even express your views to your friends but don't express your views about body parts to a stranger. You could end up being called a pig and be slapped in the face.

Statement made on the Excite Forum on the Internet on April 2, 2000

There has been one interesting thing I have learned however, as no doubt so have many millions of others in our world. I could have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth and lived a life of ease. But having been born poor, and having to struggle all my life to achieve whatever I did, life was far more challenging to me, having come from humble beginnings. The rewards are far more enjoyable when life is treated as a scavenger hunt as apposed to a continuous birthday party.

From the autobiography of Dahn Alexander Batchelor, Volume Three, Rising from the Ashes

If the issue of compensating the Jews who were victims of the holocaust came up long after the last victim had died, compensation wouldn't have been considered. Compensation is for the living, not the dead. The same principle applies to the issue of compensating the former Afro-American slaves. Don't compare compensation with restitution. For example, although many Jews in the holocaust died before the turn of this century, their families who are still alive are given restitution for what their parents and grandparents lost, such as homes, businesses and savings etc. Since black slaves had no property when they were enslaved, their descendants in this century could not claim restitution either. The history of black slavery in the USA is a sorry black mark in American history but that occurred in the previous three centuries. We are in the Twenty-First Century now and the way to make up for not only the wrongs done to the blacks but also to the Jews, the North American Indians, the Japanese in North America (during the Second World War) and other minorities is to continue to treat them as equals with the white population. If that is done (and I think it is being done for the most part) then White America is repaying for the wrongs they did to the minorities in the past and that should be suffice.

Statement made to the New York Times (Abuzz) via the Internet on May 20, 2000.

I think it is most inappropriate for you to refer to the NACP as a bunch of thugs or to refer to that organization as the black Klan. I am white and proud of my race but when whites were tormenting blacks in the USA during the first half of the last century and treating them as if they were no better than serfs, there was a need for the NACP. You may not like what they are doing but to compare them with black-hating Klansmen who lynched blacks by the thousands and burned their homes and churches over a century of abuse, is akin to wanting to shoot a song bird because it shits on you once in a while.

Statement made to the New York Times (Abuzz) via the Internet on May 22, 2000 addressed to a bigot.

If President Clinton is disbarred because of wrongdoings he did as a lawyer prior to his election as the president of the United States, his legacy will go so far down the toilet, even Nixon's former plumbers won't be able to retrieve it. He has one strike against him already. He is a lawyer. The only thing the public hates worse than a president who does a wrong, is a crooked lawyer. If Clinton is disbarred because of dishonesty, he will get as much sympathy from the public, now and in the future as chickens got from Colonel Sanders. In Canada, we had a judge who was tried in the criminal court for conduct he did when he was a lawyer. He was convicted and then immediately kicked off the bench. Canada doesn't want former dishonest lawyers as judges sitting on the bench. It seems to me that Americans won't be too happy if it is established that their president was disbarred for dishonesty.

Statement made to the New York Times (Abuzz) via the Internet on May 23, 2000

The US government is spending billions of dollars combating the trafficking in illicit drugs and yet the government does nothing to stop the manufacturing of cigarettes and instead spends billions of dollars in health care for the millions who suffer from the direct effects of smoking tobacco. The government will shut down factories when their smoke from afar reaches our lungs but they still permit the factories of tobacco companies to remain open 24 hours a day notwithstanding the fact that the smoke from their cigarettes hits our lungs from up close. I think this anomaly comes down to two things --- taxes and votes. The government doesn't want to lose the taxes and the politicians don't want to lose the votes.

Statement made to the New York Times (Abuzz) via the Internet on May 30, 2000.

Stevenson's statement is ludicrous. He thinks that sex offenders only commit crimes because of lust. Castrating a sex offender would create a greater problem on society. The offender would feel that his body had been violated (and rightly so) and he would retaliate by finding another way to get back at society. Such angry criminals wouldn't hesitate to find another way to get their jollies such as torturing their victims to death or mutilating them. One of the reasons why whipping isn't applied to sex offenders anymore is because it was established years ago that violence begets violence. You cannot treat sex offenders by castrating them either. There are means in which you can force them to take inhibiting drugs (chemical castration) that reduces the sexual drives of sex offenders but using surgical castration isn't just against the law and contrary to the constitution as cruel and unusual punishment, it would be looked upon in the future with the same disdain that enforced lobotomy and sterilization is looked upon now in this modern era.

Statement made to the New York Times (Abuzz) via the Internet on May 30, 2000

There are a number of wrongs that a government can commit against its citizens but I don't think that there is any wrong that can be worse than for the government to execute an innocent citizen. Even in those countries where human rights abuses are commonplace and innocent victims are murdered by government troops, they at least can die knowing that they are martyrs. But when an innocent person is executed in the name of justice, that person dies in shame because the general public probably believes in his or her guilt of the crime he or she was convicted of. That person dies knowing that he or she is innocent and believing right up to that last spark of consciousness still left in them that their death was pointless because the real murderer is unpunished. I realize that there are some cases where the evidence is so strong, that one is forced to ask the rhetorical question, "Can this person really be innocent?" Generally there can only be three persons who could possibly know. The first was the victim and that person is no longer with us. The second person is the condemned and that person too is no longer with us. The third person is the real murderer and that person is keeping his or her mouth shut. So we are forced to ask ourselves, "What have we gained by executing an innocent person? The victim gained nothing. The condemned lost everything and the real murderer is laughing at our system of justice. To paraphrase an often quote: "It is better to let nine guilty murderers go free than to execute an innocent one." I like the concept of murderers spending the rest of their natural lives in prison. If we err in the name of justice with these people we send to prison, we can free them and compensate them. If we err in the name of justice and execute them, there is nothing we can do for them to correct that terrible error. I sincerely hope that the day will come when natural life in prison becomes the suitable and acceptable way to punish murders. Again, my congratulations for reviewing the cases involving the death penalty as it relates to federal crimes in the USA. It is obvious to anyone being apprised of your thoughts on this matter that you too are concerned about the executing of innocent persons.

Message sent via the Internet to President Clinton at the White House on July 27, 2000.

A person can be poor but if he is educated, he has a greater chance at getting a fair trial than being rich and have little education at all.

Statement made to the New York Times (Abuzz) via the Internet on August 12, 2000

This particular piece of Canada's past as it relates to the sexual abuse of the wards of the church and government has scarred not only former students, but also former staff members, all innocent of any wrongdoing and I include myself as one of them, who feel our reputations have been damaged by the onslaught of publicity, even though we personally did not abuse students in our care. The smear of wrongdoings by those who did abuse the children in the residential schools cheapens the sacrifices of many lay workers and missionary men of the cloth who, over long periods of time, gave years of their lives in the service of Indian children. But life being as it is, we, along with the children, all suffered and continue to suffer for the actions of the few who abused the trust of those whom they were there to protect and care for.

Paragraph from the Autobiography of Dahn Alexander Batchelor"

I am still of the belief that the Churches and the federal government were wrong in trying to assimilate the Indian children into our society at the expense of their culture. We wouldn't permit that in this era and it shouldn't have been permitted in the last two centuries either. I think the words, 'cultural genocide' is a bit strong but the words do import the real message of the Indians who suffered because of the loss of their culture. But when a society attempts to destroy the culture of another society, one is forced to wonder if there is another phrase that will serve as a suitable substitute. I think not. We owe it to the Indian nation to rectify a problem that Canadians acting as another distinct nation created for them. The payment of that debt can begin with recognizing the Indian nation as being distinctive. If we don't do that right from the beginning, than we will forever be in their debt.

Excerpts from a letter sent to a Canadian law firm which acted for the Presbytarian and United Churches in Canada re the lawsuits by Canadian Indians, the letter having been sent on September 15, 2000 as part of the consultations the law firm had with me on the Indian complaints.

If we start denying gays and lesbians their rights, then after succeeding, we will begin aiming at other minorities. And when we deny them their rights, we will turn on ourselves until none of us have any rights whatsoever.

Excerpt from my commentary published in the New York Times (Abuzz) via the Internet on September 29th, 2000

Surely there can be no evidence of a mother's love that is greater than that of a mother who willingly forgoes her desire to have full custody of her children if in fulfilling that desire, it conflicts with the best interests of her children. Such love which is expressed in a court of today is not unlike the love of one's child that was expressed in the court of Solomon many millenniums ago.

Statement made in family court in Brampton, Ontario on November 8, 2000.

It was obvious to me that in your mind, your rudeness was better than any reasonable argument you could put forward but in my mind, your rudeness totally eclipsed your intelligence.

Letter written to Mark Skursky, a lawyer in Brampton, Ontario who bad mouthed me on November 10, 2000

Looking back during my years as a young man, I now realize that growing into maturity is not unlike young trees in a crowded forest fighting for space. Those that survive the ordeal, will take their place in the crowd and can reach the heights of their expectations. Unfortunately, with some, their growth is stunted. But even those whose growth is leading them nowhere, can surpass their handicap and in doing so, eventually exceed their expectations. To do that however, they must have determination. I had determination but during my life as a young man, all my determination was leading me nowhere. It wasn't until I had grown into a mature adult that the adversity I endured in my life as a young man, prepared me for the task of achieving more than my expectations in the years that were to follow. That can be attributed to me keeping my determination on the front burner. As a young man, I wasn't then aware that determination is not unlike an aspirin. It takes a while for its effects to be appreciated.

From the Autobiography of Dahn Alexander Batchelor. Introduction to Volume Two---Riding the Roller Coaster.

What brings human beings together is not law but love. What keeps them together is not law but love. Recognition is merely the trappings.

From a comment published in Abuzz on December 21, 2000 on the subject of Gay and Lesbian marriages.

It was my younger years of adversity that was the stuff that made the building blocks of the foundation of my ambition but it was my willingness to sacrifice myself in the name of ambition, that was the cement in the structure that made it possible for me to realize my dreams of leaving my mark behind me.

From the Autobiography of Dahn Alexander Batchelor. Introduction to Volume Three---Rising from the Ashes.

Truly the most substantial glory of a nation can be found in its leaders, be they political or otherwise. Leadership however entails learning from one's mistakes. But continuing to make mistakes and not benefiting from the lessons learned, diminishes the glory and reduces the credibility of the errant leader to a nonentity. Can you think of any reason why we citizens of Canada should take anything you have to say in the future, seriously? I do sincerely doubt that you can answer that question because no matter what answer you give, it's unlikely that it would be taken seriously by anyone anymore.

Excerpt from a letter sent on March 26, 2001 to Hedy Fry, the Canadian Secretary of State for Multiculturalism after she accused two cities in Canada of having racists who placed burning crosses on the lawns of citizens in those cities. It turned out that there were no incidents whatsoever of burning crosses implanted on anyone's lawns in either city at any time. She was later fired from the cabinet.

Even though I am heterosexual, I do not condemn homosexuals, be they gay or lesbian. We of this 21st Century have to come to grips with the reality of our era. Remember that in the Nineteenth Century, blacks were recognized only as slaves and in the early Twentieth Century, women couldn't vote and Jews were un-welcomed in our hotels. Are we now going to say that gays and lesbians in the 21st Century are an abomination? The beauty of the human race is that it does have the ability to adapt as time moves on. Do we want our ascendants in the next century to say that we in this century were so backward, that we condemned a large segment of our society simply because they were different than the majority?

Statement published in The New York Times (Abuzz) on May 5, 2001.

I want to say why I am not afraid to speak out for the rights of those who perhaps are perceived as being an unpopular minority. When I was a child, the blacks were downtrodden but I didn't notice. As I grew older, I noticed that the Jews were downtrodden but I didn't care. As I grew older even more, the gays and lesbians were downtrodden and I mocked them. Now I am physically disabled and I realize that if society doesn't notice or care about minorities and worse yet, mocks them, then who will there be left to notice and care about the disabled?

Statement published in The New York Times (Abuzz) on May 6, 2001.

All of us can find fault with one another. What is difficult when we are verbally abused by another, is communicating with our abuser without that other person's faults clouding our judgment about that person. All of us in this forum (as well as other forums) are strangers to one another and yet, we, like passing ships in the night, recognize the existence of one another. We do not fire on passing ships in the night and I think we should refrain from doing the same thing in these forums.

Statement published in The New York Times (Abuzz) on May 8, 2001.

To suggest that we on Earth are the only life forms in the universe is preposterous. That is like saying that in all the sand on the surface of the Earth, there is only one life form.

Statement made in Abuzz Forum of the New York Times on August 28, 2001

You have re-established in my mind what I have known for the past 38 years of practice and that is that with some lawyers, (such as yourself) citizens going into their office for help, experience that which is not unlike promenading through some Jurassic Park.

Excerpt from a letter dated October 6, 2001 sent to a lawyer who ripped off his clients.

We must always be on guard against being abused by critics who would unfairly use our hate laws to stifle our voices simply because they disagree with our views. If we permit that kind of abuse, we would enter an era which would make Orwell's book seem like a primary school reader.

Excerpt of article published in The Lawyer's Weekly on October 12, 2001.

Strangely enough, children will talk amongst themselves about how babies are born, they will tell dirty jokes to one another but they won't talk amongst themselves about how they are raped and molested by family members. Incest is truly the best-kept secret in the community.

From the Autobiography of Dahn Alexander Batchelor, Volume 1, Whistling in the Face of Robbers

It is politicians like this man who gives politics a dirty name. It is politicians like this man who gives Liberals a dirty name. It is politicians like this man who gives Canadians a dirty name. We can't kick him out of Canada even though he is a disgrace to Canadians. We can't kick him out of parliament although he has brought shame to that institution. But surely you can kick him out of your caucus because to do otherwise is to bring your party down to the level of this man. I urge you to remove him from your caucus before the stink of this man permeates the entire Liberal Party.

Excerpt from a letter faxed on May 10, 2001 to Jean Cretien, the prime minister of Canada about a Liberal member of parliament Tom Wappel, who wrote a war veteran in his riding, stating that because the war veteran didn't vote for him, he wasn't going to assist him. A copy of the letter was sent to Tom Wappel that same day.

There are two professionals in which the average citizens looks upon with utter contempt--lawyers and politicians. It doesn't surprise me one bit that Tom Wappel who is both a lawyer and a politician is now being publicly berated for his refusal to assist a veteran who didn't vote for him and for the filth he wrote in one of his letters on his parliamentary letterhead. Here is a man who has two strikes against him by being a lawyer and a politician and now he won't even accept the fact that he has struck out in his latest stupidity and leave the game of politics to those who have more understanding of the plight of others and possess more couth. The man is a bully and should be dumped from the Liberal Party. No political party needs his ilk and Canadians don't want him either so it follows, that he should pack up his tent and quietly slip away in the night. But true to form, this creature from the bottom of the swamp will hang on, spiting his venom in every direction and in his reptilian brain, he will still convince himself that he has done no wrong. What are the chances that this creature will actually be re-elected. I can answer that question by comparing that answer to my next question which is; "When will the Pope give up Catholicism?"

Statement sent to the Toronto Star on May 13, 2001

I am no different than anyone else. I make mistakes like everyone else and I am slower than younger people when it comes to physical feats but I am not dead yet and until I am, or alternatively, unless I end up suffering from Alzheimer's disease, I expect to be treated with respect by everyone. And my expectations are no different than anyone else who is old enough to be getting their pensions.

Statement published in Abuzz of the New York Times on June 13, 2001.

My personal feelings about the interpretation of the word 'morality' is that it defines a condition of human beings whose interests are directed to the good of others. It is, in a sense, like water; two parts decency and one part honesty, and like water, it can be as cold as the waters in the Arctic or as warm as the waters of the South Seas but whatever its temperature, it encompasses all who are willing to be embraced by it.

Statement published in Abuzz of the New York Times on June 14, 2001.

The founding fathers of the United States were prepared to put more than their names on paper. They were prepared to put their lives, their property and their well being at risk and more than that, they were even willing to place the good of their country above that of their own families. They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. There is one word that describes them more than any; that word is sacrifice. But it must not be forgotten that their wives stood beside them when they made their decisions and they too sacrificed themselves for the good of their country. Standing at attention with one's hand across one's chest and proudly singing the national anthem is not enough to claim to being a patriot when there is no sacrifice involved. When Americans watch their flag rise upward, they should each ask themselves , "How far am I prepared to go to sacrifice myself for the good of my country?" Their country does not ask them to give up their lives for their nation. It does however ask them to place their lives and well being at risk if it will keep their nation free from dictatorship and from its enemies. So when they enjoy the benefits given to them by all those men and women who sacrificed themselves for the good of all the people of their nation through its strife and wars and for the good of all those who will follow them, let them think of the 56 brave men and their families who risk all and in many cases lost all. Their sacrifices made their signatures indelible in the lives of every American from the moment the ink dried on that great parchment in which their declaration meant so much to them.

Statement published in Abuzz of the New York Times on July 5, 2001, 250 years after the Declaration of Independence was first signed.

I suggest that you call your pack together and tell them to stop their braying. It appears on the surface as if some media professionals have been writing their scripts for them. It is so gross. It isn't just enough to make me queasy, it's enough to make me regurgitate. In one of your statements to the press, you said that you will let the people decide. Well I was a voter who voted for your party and I am saying like so many other people in Canada ---"Go! For God's sake, Go!" PS: And don't come back.

Excerpts from a letter sent to Stockwell Day, the leader of the opposition in the Canadian House of Commons, dated July 10, 2001. After months of enduring public criticism over his ability to lead the Canadian Alliance, Stockwell Day on July 17, 2001, called for a leadership race and announced that he would resign 90 days before the vote. He resigned as promised.

I, like thousands of other composers desire fame but we don't seek it. We just keep creating our compositions amid the calm of our retired lives in hopes that when we are gone, our music will also become some day in the future, the monuments of musical composition that can stand somewhere in the vicinity of the great ones.

Excerpts from the autobiography of Dahn Alexander Batchelor, Volume 2, Riding the Roller Coaster

I think you are definitely wrong when you say that the suicide bombers are freedom fighters rather than terrorists. A freedom fighter fights the armed forces of the other side. That's why the word fighter is included in the term freedom fighter. The marquis in France fought the German armed forces and that's why they were called freedom fighters. They were fighting for their freedom. Terrorists however who indiscriminately murder innocent women and children and yes, even babies are not fighters. One does not kill babies under the guise of being a fighter. These bottom feeders are terrorists. Lets call them for what they are. We should never forgive terrorists and as far as I am concerned, they are open game for anyone who wants to dispose of these bottom feeders in any manner they so choose. We do not put wild dogs on trial. We shoot them on sight. The same should apply to terrorists.

Statement made to a contributor to the Abuzz Forum of the New York Times on August 11, 2001.

There comes times when laws created for the good of all can in fact inadvertently harm those to whom they apply. Put another way, such laws that in effect, single out citizens to their detriment, are not laws that are for the good of the people.

Letter sent to Hazel McCallum, Mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on August 14, 2001.

I am still of the same frame of mind. I honestly believe that you will not survive the next election for the leadership of the Party. By resigning your post, or at least, not running for the next leadership election, you will appear much more nobler having fallen on your own sword than being hung from the cross as a dishonourable man. It's a shame that you have this failing of not choosing your words more wisely. You had the experience and the makings of a great leader. But then so did Edward Kennedy. His failing however was cowardice and it ended his aspirations to be president. Your failing on the other hand is irresponsibility and it is ending your aspirations to be prime minister. I am still of the same frame of mind. I honestly believe that you will not survive the next election for the leadership of the Party. Please, for the sake of the party, resign before you tear the party into shreds.

Excerpts from a letter I wrote to Stockwell Day, the Leader of the Opposition in the Canadian Parliament on August 20, 2001.

We as the taxpayers of this municipality can do better than employing a police officer with his deplorable background in police work. He is in my respectful opinion, a blemish on the face of our police force that, if continues to remain on our police force not unlike an bulbous wart, will make what appears to most as being beautiful, incredibly ugly.

Excerpts from a letter sent on August 31, 2001 to the chief of police in the Regional Municipality of Peel in Ontario in respect to the actions of one of his police officers who was the driver of the vehicle that hit another and then denied hitting it by claiming that someone else had hit it and who was also facing criminal charges for trafficking in drugs.

Jerry Falwall is evidence conclusively that religion is by no means a proper subject to be discussed amongst the mentally disturbed. Admittedly, this zealot, after hearing president Bush chastise him publicly for his outrageous outburst, subsequently apologized but I ask you, should we accept his apology or should we treat him any differently than the dog that pees on our collective pant legs?

Excerpt from a statement made on Abuzz of the New York Times on September 23, 2001 after Jerry Falwall, a religous zealot, blamed the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001 in which over 3,000 perished in the USA, on the gays and lesbians and abortionists by saying that the loss of lives was attributed to God's revenge because of the sins of the Americans.

Alas, the right to free speech is not entirely absolute. There is a line out there in which those rights may be crossed. All free speech is curtailed to some degree and in respect to the news media, constrained to responsible journalism and the sensibilities of the public. Let me close by giving this analogy. The farmer drives the fox from the hen house for which the hens thank the farmer for giving them their rights to live, while the fox denounces him for the same act for denying him his right to eat. Plainly, the chickens and the fox are not in agreement as it relates to their definitions of rights.

Excerpt from a Letter to the Editor sent to two law journals, The Lawyer's Weekly and The Law Times on June 22, 2002

Whenever I think of the Law Society and its willingness to bed with the PPAO, I think of that poor drunken sop who was willing to bed the first woman that came into his life. What looked dazzlingly beautiful in the dark of night, turned out to be incredibly ugly in the light of dawn.

Excerpt from the author's web site, Paralegals in Peril.

I realize that lawyers have an obligation to look after the best interests of their clients but if their clients are accused of murder, it seems to me that they must seriously consider the best interests of the public also. To suggest that an accused murderer be placed in a insecure facility is to mock society and in doing so, the lawyer has shown us that he or she cares more about the welfare of his or her client than the safety of the public. A pox on such lawyers.

A statement made on the Canoe Forum on October 12, 2002.

Normally I am against martial law because it generally results in the loss of human rights and freedoms but there are times when it is absolutely necessary to combat terrorism. The terrorist act in Bali which has resulted in the deaths of 187 people in the car-bomb blast in the popular tourist location, is highly suspected to have been brought about by members of the Indonesian Islamic group, Jemaah Islamia, as the chief suspects for the bombing. The Indonesian army is a powerful force in Indonesia and should take over the national security of the country to fight terrorism in their country. I know the risks inherent when armed forces take over a country but unless they do, the entire country will be in the grip of the terrorists. Indonesia will have to go through a healing process and like all healing processes, it can be painful but it is better that the people living in Indonesia suffer the pain of the surgical removal of terrorism than remain untreated and slowly watch their country necrotize until it turns into a country of rotting flesh.

A statement made on the Canoe Forum on October 14, 2002.

There are two forms of discontent. The first results in someone not getting what they want. The second is the loss of what that person already had. There generally is not much hope of getting what a person wants unless they work hard at it and are prepared to incur expenses to obtain it and there is very little chance of recovering what was lost unless they are extremely fortunate. You don't have sufficient funds to now get what you want and you are no longer fortunate enough to recover what you have now lost. This can be attributed to your folly of failing to recognizing what you had in the first place and then lost and your foolishness of then throwing away any chances you might have had in recovering it.

From a letter sent to a previous client on December 27th 2002 who blamed me for not completely winning her case in court and asking me to appeal at my expense.

When Richard Addinsell composed the Warsaw Concerto in 1941, he had the bombing of Warsaw in mind. Whenever I played that piece at concerts, I had the bombing of Warsaw in mind. Come to think of it, whenever I pounded any piece on the piano, my listeners had the bombing of Warsaw in mind.

From autobiography of Dahn Alexander Batchelor, Volume One, Whistling in the Face of Robbers.

The more I think about politicians, the more I am convinced that the running of government should never be left to the politicians. It's not unlike asking rookie cops to run the local cathouse. They will keep everything in order and lose money in the process.

From a letter addressed to Dr. Kildip Kular, member of the Ontario Legislature on October 6, 2003

When a frog pines for the attention of a princess, it is a sign of hope. When a bug pines for the attention of a princess, it's a sign of sheer stupidity.

From a message sent on November 11, 2003 by E-mail to Tom Jacobek, a man who ran for mayor of Toronto. He had previously lied at a hearing. I previously wrote him and suggested he withdraw as he would fail to win. The results showed that he only garnered 1% of the votes.

Our private opinions should be entirely separate from those related towards those whom we serve. No greater calamity can befall any organization that promotes justice than to not recognize the distinction between the two.

Excerpt from the author's letter of resignation sent to the Board of Directors of the Paralegal Society of Canada on February 18, 2004.

I appreciate the concerns of some people who refuse to be tested for DNA as they feel that their rights are being abused. However, it makes them suspect in the eyes of the police and in some instances, for very good reason. The police however should not have to go to the expense of conducting surveillances on suspects in order to obtain DNA samples. On the other hand, honest people shouldn't really have fear and should cooperate so that they can be eliminated as suspects. If DNA sampling should become mandatory, it should only be used to solve the case in which the sampling was sought and no other case. Then once the case is over, all the samples should be destroyed and the destruction of the DNA samples should be witnessed and accounted for by civil rights people who would be present for such a procedure. If this proposal were followed, there would be no valid justification for anyone to refuse to provide a DNA sample to the police, unless of course, they are guilty of the crime in which the DNA sample was originally sought.

Excerpt sent to CNN on April 14, 2004.

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